NECCNorth European Cybersecurity Cluster

Promote issues in the field of information security and cybersecurity in the Nordic region.


The North European Cybersecurity Cluster (NECC) promotes information security and cybersecurity-related cooperation and collaboration in the Northern European region in order to enhance integration into the European Digital Single Market.

The NECC has created a trusted competence network with various tested collaboration models among companies, academia, public sector and

end-users. The cluster-type collaboration model is beneficial for all participating stakeholders and supports the EU’s contractual Public Private

Partnership (cPPP).

The NECC will be working towards more compelling business, cybersecurity and research environment for attracting more investments, resources and new innovation in to the region.


    • Coordinates availability of offering expert services to North European organisations in cybersecurity-related matters;

    • Coordinate projects for promoting cybersecurity, research projects and the participation of operators in the field of cybersecurity in international export events;

    • Organise trainings, conferences, workshops;

    • Promote investments to cybersecurity;

    • Release information and edit publications related to cybersecurity;

    • Participate in influencing cybersecurity-related issues at Europa and outside Europe;

    • Increase the recognition of the Nordic cybersecurity industry, academia, North European professional cybersecurity skills and achievements in the cybersecurity and digitalisation;

    • Provide a practical framework for initiating development activities between member countries and contributing to the overall improvement of cybersecurity for the whole region.


    • Blue Science Park

    • Center for Defence, Space & Security (CenSec)

    • Cyberwatch, Finland

    • Ericsson

    • Estonian Information Security Association (EISA)

    • Finnish Information Security Cluster (FISC)

    • Insta Defsec, Finland

    • IT Security Association Germany (TeleTrust)

    • Latvian Information and communications technology association (LIKTA)

    • Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
    • NRD Cyber Security, Lithuania (represents Infobalt)
    • VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland



North European Cybersecurity Cluster - NECC ry

Registry code: 29027565

Chairman of the Board: Juha Remes

Vice-chairman of the Board: Martin Ruubel

Chief Executive Officer: Reijo Savola

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