Technology alone is not enough to build cyber security. This webinar highlights the future of cyber security challenges and the role of international co-operation in tackling those challenges. 

Prof Isaac Ben-Israel, Israel’s leading cyber security expert, will discuss lessons from Israel on empowering cyber security. His talk will include topics such as the interdisciplinary nature of cybersecurity, balancing the tension between security and privacy and the role of regulation.

Neil Robinson, Policy Officer, Cyber Defence at NATO, will shed light on what NATO does and does not do in cyber as well as how NATO cyber defence evolves. 

The webinar was hosted by NECC, North European Cybersecurity Cluster. 






Date: 19th January 2021         

Time: 12:15 CET – 15:00 CET


12:15 CET Foreword by Juha Remes / NECC Chairman of the board
12:30 CET Prof Isaac Ben-Israel: Empowering Cyber Security: lessons from Israel

  • What Cyber threats are?
  • The Interdisciplinary nature of Cyber Security
  • Who should be in charge of securing Critical Infrastructures?
  • Information Sharing and Trust building 
  • Balancing the tension between Security and Privacy
  • The Role of Regulation
  • International Cooperation: Norms are necessary

13:15 CET Q&A session

13:30 CET Neil Robinson, Cyber Defence at NATO: From Wales to Warsaw and beyond

  • What does NATO do in cyber (and what does it not do)
  • Evolution of the major Allied decisions on NATO cyber defence

14:15 CET Q&A session for the lecture

14:30 CET 4 * 5 min company presentations by NECC members

15:00 CET Webinar ends

About the authors:

Prof. Isaac Ben-Israel

Prof Ben-Israel is leading cybersecurity expert in Israel, who holds numerous key positions in the field of Cybersecurity, Technology and Artificial Intelligence. He is a retired major-general and has received numerous awards for his work. more details:

Neil Robinson

Neil Robinson is a Cyber Defence Policy Officer at the Emerging Security Challenges Division of the International Staff at NATO HQ in Brussels. 

At NATO, Neil’s work includes supporting cyber defence policy development and implementation, partnerships and outreach to NATO and Allied cyber defence communities.